leesuilung27: hey man, raymond is pimpin with all the girls
cHiNatOwNbOy1: oh shet!
cHiNatOwNbOy1: lets go
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: where@
leesuilung27: i mean lately
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: who?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: like who
leesuilung27: did you know him and mj erika have something
cHiNatOwNbOy1: YA
leesuilung27: yea, man
leesuilung27: its been like couple of weeks
cHiNatOwNbOy1: quite frankly, i thought they had something going on the first night back
cHiNatOwNbOy1: but yesterday made it more obvious
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and she ignored me
leesuilung27: i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahaha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: she makes me invisible
cHiNatOwNbOy1: :-D
leesuilung27: yep, and we all know about it
cHiNatOwNbOy1: so then what?
leesuilung27: i kinda give him advice
cHiNatOwNbOy1: raymond has a gf
cHiNatOwNbOy1: advice about what
leesuilung27: but he told me that he will end this
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i thoguht raymond alreayd has a gf
leesuilung27: i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: so they had one night stand already?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
leesuilung27: i not sure about that
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i'm lucky i'm outta this
leesuilung27: but i know they been fooling around
leesuilung27: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: so wah advice u gave him
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: tell him that you have a girl
leesuilung27: and do go for erika
cHiNatOwNbOy1: lol
leesuilung27: cause nothing wrong with the girl you with now
cHiNatOwNbOy1: have u seen her?
leesuilung27: yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: looks better?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: than MJ?
leesuilung27: yea
leesuilung27: alot better
cHiNatOwNbOy1: guys get bored
cHiNatOwNbOy1: with things they hv
leesuilung27: i just dont really see raymond see in erika
leesuilung27: just that erika need someone
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: she needs anyone
cHiNatOwNbOy1: in heat
leesuilung27: yea, we all can tell on that
cHiNatOwNbOy1: so he went out with her today?
leesuilung27: and the worst thing is that jeff started it all
leesuilung27: that jeff kinda make raymond go for her
cHiNatOwNbOy1: not again
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahaha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: :-D
cHiNatOwNbOy1: how so
leesuilung27: jeff told me that, told raymond that erika need someone
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and then?
leesuilung27: and told raymond that should hang around with her
leesuilung27: or go for her
leesuilung27: and now that things get a little serious
cHiNatOwNbOy1: lol
cHiNatOwNbOy1: is that so
cHiNatOwNbOy1: well
leesuilung27: on wednesday me and raymond we out and play pool
leesuilung27: raymond friend is there
leesuilung27: steve
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and then what
leesuilung27: the guy from newyork
cHiNatOwNbOy1: right
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and then?
leesuilung27: when we were playing pool
leesuilung27: raymond call erika to come join with us
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and angel came along right?
leesuilung27: and i was surprise that they keep in contact
cHiNatOwNbOy1: did u see yutang last ngiht?
leesuilung27: the other thing is that steve and angel have somehting too
leesuilung27: and jeff know aobut it on the first day
cHiNatOwNbOy1: she's not too shabby
leesuilung27: when they all went out and drink
leesuilung27: there was one day that jeff raymond steve erika and angel went out to drink
leesuilung27: they all got buzz
leesuilung27: and steve and angel was making out
leesuilung27: rite in front of jeff
leesuilung27: kissing
leesuilung27: so jeff told him that is not kewl
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahaha
leesuilung27: just dont do this in front of me
cHiNatOwNbOy1: oh my lord
cHiNatOwNbOy1: u saw it?
leesuilung27: now steve went back to NY
leesuilung27: no, but raymond told me everything
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: uh huh
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and then what?
leesuilung27: that one night when we play pool
leesuilung27: we have a long talk
leesuilung27: what was really goin on
leesuilung27: so now there is so much drama
leesuilung27: and yesterday was really weird for angel and jeff
leesuilung27: and now that yuting was at the club
leesuilung27: and raymond told everything to erika
cHiNatOwNbOy1: uh huh
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and then?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: wah does jeff care about anyways
cHiNatOwNbOy1: lol
leesuilung27: and i guess that erika is mad, and angel too
leesuilung27: i dont know
leesuilung27: everything is just drama to the end
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: i told raymond to back off
cHiNatOwNbOy1: everything happens around jeff
leesuilung27: and he told me that he will
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i just realized that
leesuilung27: after last night, doesnt seeem like he did that
cHiNatOwNbOy1: almost every dramatic shit has jeff in it
leesuilung27: he still call the two girls to eat with us
cHiNatOwNbOy1: he called them?????/
leesuilung27: yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: LOL
leesuilung27: and im surprise they came
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i thought they just met up
cHiNatOwNbOy1: wait
leesuilung27: no
cHiNatOwNbOy1: what
cHiNatOwNbOy1: u mean after we saw mj at garden, raymond invited them
leesuilung27: jeff was piss at raymond for telling erika everything
leesuilung27: no, raymond invite them before
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
leesuilung27: nobody know that they will come beside raymond
cHiNatOwNbOy1: jeff just told u about that at first?
leesuilung27: yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: did u tell raymond about me?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: LOL
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahaha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: :-D
leesuilung27: just try not to talk too much about this to jeff
cHiNatOwNbOy1: that would make it more interesting
cHiNatOwNbOy1: throw me in next time
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahahaha
leesuilung27: its just there is somehting goin on with raymond and erika
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya i guess zo
leesuilung27: thats y last night i have to drive angel home
cHiNatOwNbOy1: oooo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: no wonder!
leesuilung27: so raymond can drive erika home
cHiNatOwNbOy1: no wonder!
leesuilung27: i know where
leesuilung27: and jeff know it too
leesuilung27: the very first night that they all went out and drink
leesuilung27: after that drinking night they all went to raymond house
leesuilung27: i guess raymond stay with erika at the end and he told me that they hve something
leesuilung27: but not sure about sex
leesuilung27: just foolin
leesuilung27: thats what raymond said
leesuilung27: now i still have a long talk with him again
leesuilung27: jeff cant really say much to raymond about this
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: thast about it
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i had no idea so much shit happened
leesuilung27: i know just went you were gone
cHiNatOwNbOy1: well, i dunno man
cHiNatOwNbOy1: mj erika doesnt attract me at all
leesuilung27: same here
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i didnt even felt the adrenaline rush that night
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i didnt even get turned on
leesuilung27: thats y i dont get raymond see in her
cHiNatOwNbOy1: when i was left with her at her house
cHiNatOwNbOy1: that's why i backed out
leesuilung27: hehe
leesuilung27: i know, she can make a move on anyone
leesuilung27: even on jun that night too if he was drinkin
cHiNatOwNbOy1: which night?
leesuilung27: the night she hit on you
leesuilung27: im just saying that erika can go for anyone is fine
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: it sucks sucks sucks
cHiNatOwNbOy1: for ramond
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: i dont know what was he thinking
leesuilung27: all this could ended the first night when they went out drinkin
cHiNatOwNbOy1: how pretty is his gf
cHiNatOwNbOy1: anwyays
cHiNatOwNbOy1: mark said angel looks like shet
leesuilung27: she is ok, but i would say alot better than erika
leesuilung27: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i think so too
leesuilung27: i think so too
cHiNatOwNbOy1: lol
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i think erika looks better than angel
leesuilung27: man, the makeups
leesuilung27: just make it even worst
cHiNatOwNbOy1: but i dunno man
cHiNatOwNbOy1: they both dont look good
leesuilung27: yea
leesuilung27: thats y they dont want to go out with yuting
leesuilung27: maybe they both knows that she is better
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya
cHiNatOwNbOy1: catfight
leesuilung27: so thats y yesterday jeff dont want to mention to erika and angel that we went out clubing
leesuilung27: and then raymond told erkia that we went out
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: i know there is some conflict
cHiNatOwNbOy1: wha's up with raymond leakin out everything to her
leesuilung27: i dont know
leesuilung27: erika call raymond
leesuilung27: and i guess that raymond didnt know that jeff dont want to invite them
leesuilung27: beside if erika come angel will come
leesuilung27: and jeff dont want to see her
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: jeff must be hot over angel
cHiNatOwNbOy1: seeing them make out like that
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: but tha's wah he gets
leesuilung27: rite in his face
cHiNatOwNbOy1: for doing all those stupid stuffs
leesuilung27: that night
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: it's karma
leesuilung27: on man, i wanna see his face that nihgt
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hahah
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i can imagine it already
cHiNatOwNbOy1: that same lemon face
cHiNatOwNbOy1: obviously steve didnt kno angel was with him b4 huh
cHiNatOwNbOy1: LOL
cHiNatOwNbOy1: dunno wah's up with angel
cHiNatOwNbOy1: doin that shit
leesuilung27: yep, he doesnt know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: what a comedy
cHiNatOwNbOy1: not even drama
leesuilung27: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: good sitcom
leesuilung27: i was shock at it
cHiNatOwNbOy1: did u see yuting last ngiht?
leesuilung27: yea
leesuilung27: just the one time
cHiNatOwNbOy1: pretty?
leesuilung27: ok
cHiNatOwNbOy1: she lives in chinatown
leesuilung27: cute, but short
cHiNatOwNbOy1: joyce knows her
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and i think i kno them too
leesuilung27: oh yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i should kno her little brother
leesuilung27: that guy from yesterday know her too?
leesuilung27: the poker guy
cHiNatOwNbOy1: no
cHiNatOwNbOy1: the one that greeted me?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ooo
leesuilung27: yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i think zo
cHiNatOwNbOy1: man
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i wasted $9 on buyin the ugly girl a drink
cHiNatOwNbOy1: but i got a free drink last night too
leesuilung27: oh yea
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and i gave it to a so-so pretty girl
leesuilung27: from who
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and we talked a little while, but i acted too cool
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i was like "see ya around"
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hoping to run into her for a better conversation, but i couldnt find her afterward
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
leesuilung27: hehe
leesuilung27: im sure all the girls wanted to pick up by a guy
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya, but sucks
leesuilung27: just usually doenst havent that way
cHiNatOwNbOy1: if i hv a chance to retire soon, i'm moving back to china for a while
leesuilung27: whats the best that could happen that night
cHiNatOwNbOy1: the life there is much fun and happier for guys
cHiNatOwNbOy1: with power
cHiNatOwNbOy1: us?
leesuilung27: i guess
cHiNatOwNbOy1: the best?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: that happened?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: or couldve happened
leesuilung27: couldve then
leesuilung27: you can always go back and visit
cHiNatOwNbOy1: for who?
leesuilung27: move around
cHiNatOwNbOy1: u or me
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i didnt really had much
leesuilung27: for anyone of us
cHiNatOwNbOy1: too much cocks
leesuilung27: if we pick up a girl and then waht
cHiNatOwNbOy1: not much girls to pick up
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ok
leesuilung27: yea, more guys than girls
cHiNatOwNbOy1: well...
cHiNatOwNbOy1: it's hard to pick up guys from club
cHiNatOwNbOy1: u can only ask for #
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i mean girls
leesuilung27: i know
cHiNatOwNbOy1: then call them afterward
leesuilung27: thats about it
cHiNatOwNbOy1: just dont pick up the wrong ones
cHiNatOwNbOy1: it's sick
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i wasted 30 minutes
cHiNatOwNbOy1: talkin to a ugly one from missouri
cHiNatOwNbOy1: but jeff was interested in her
leesuilung27: hehe
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i introduced her to jeff
leesuilung27: you mean the oone you show us?
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and he had interests
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i guess
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
leesuilung27: life here is alot different from china
leesuilung27: and i dont think you can just life there forever
leesuilung27: just go back one a year and its all good
leesuilung27: live a life here and there
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya i kno
cHiNatOwNbOy1: changes are good
cHiNatOwNbOy1: sometimes i felt like if i turn 35-40, i wouldnt kno wah to think about life if i'm still single like jeff
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i think it's so hard to be jeff
cHiNatOwNbOy1: hehehe
leesuilung27: you not gonna be like jeff
cHiNatOwNbOy1: if he goes for too young, he gets commented
cHiNatOwNbOy1: iof he goes for ugly one, he gets commented
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and it's so hard to go for older ones
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i mean like the 28-30 soemthing
leesuilung27: well, there always that chance
leesuilung27: i cant image who jeff will marry
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: its like it could be anyone
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i told him clubbing erika
leesuilung27: we all told him that too
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: if im in his shoes, she is the best choice
cHiNatOwNbOy1: ya
cHiNatOwNbOy1: got money
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and not too old
leesuilung27: yea, and they good friends
leesuilung27: she is perfect, have the rite age to get marry
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i dont get why he's always like "i cant let the girls see me dating"
cHiNatOwNbOy1: or flirting
leesuilung27: i dont kow
leesuilung27: he is weird when it come with girls
leesuilung27: and he always worry that ivan should get a girl when he is about in the same shoe
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: its true
leesuilung27: cause ivan not doin anything
leesuilung27: at least jeff is doin something
cHiNatOwNbOy1: doing alot
cHiNatOwNbOy1: so much energy
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
cHiNatOwNbOy1: and time and money
leesuilung27: because his time is up
cHiNatOwNbOy1: he spends alot
leesuilung27: yep
leesuilung27: get jeff a real housewife kinda girl in china
leesuilung27: i think its alot better than the one here
cHiNatOwNbOy1: i so wish jeff come back to china with us
cHiNatOwNbOy1: next time we go
cHiNatOwNbOy1: it's gonna be so much more fun
cHiNatOwNbOy1: with him
cHiNatOwNbOy1: haha
leesuilung27: yea, he should visit there
leesuilung27: and bring a wife home
leesuilung27: haha